CareArc honored with Sertoma's Service to Mankind Award

April 29, 2022

The Emporia Sertoma Club honored CareArc, Inc. with the 2022 Service to Mankind Award.

The award was presented to Renee Hively, Amanda Dreasher, and Melissa Smith by Alice Dreier.

The award is the highest honor Sertoma bestows on a nonmember and is based upon the quality of impact of service the recipient provides the community, state, or all of mankind.

CareArc, which is contracted to run Lyon County Public Health, was a vital resource in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. By coordinating with federal, state and local partners, providing science-based guidance to local policy makers, and orchestrating an unprecedented campaign to vaccinate the community against Covid-19, CareArc's efforts were massive and contributed to the health and lives of those living in Lyon County and surrounding areas.

CareArc has continued to serve the community in this capacity for over two years.

"We are certainly surprised to get this award," said Renee Hively, CareArc CEO. "Helping others is what we strive to do, and it is why many of us got into public health and healthcare. Responding to the pandemic was a massive team effort that I'm sure none of us expected to do when we started our careers. Everybody at CareArc stepped up and handled the challenge with grace, even though it was really tough at times. I am grateful and humbled to see that our team is being recognized."

The Emporia Sertoma is the third oldest club in Kansas, and they donate their time in many ways, from operating the miniature train to installing flags. Sertoma’s purpose for raising money is to return the money to the community in the form of scholarships and monetary gifts.

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