Sliding Fee Discount

CareArc offers discounted services to patients who are uninsured or have low income. The amount that a patient pays is based on the federal income levels. This sliding scale fee is applicable to all office visits, excluding immunizations. Each year the federal government sets a Federal Poverty Line (FPL) and new income levels that qualify patients for discounted care. The income levels are based on a patient’s gross income (how much money you make each year before taxes are taken out).

The Sliding Fee Scale Discount Program is available to all qualifying patients regardless of insurance status. CareArc will never deny healthcare based on the patient's inability to pay.

How do I apply?

In order to qualify, you will need to meet the following requirements.

  • Be a patient of CareArc. Become a patient now.
  • Bring your proof of income to CareArc and fill out an application. We can walk you through the process.

Once your documents have been reviewed, you will be notified of the discount you are eligible for based off of your income.

Proof of Income Documents

We accept the following documents as proof of income to qualify for the sliding fee discount:

  1. Paycheck Stub- The most recent paycheck stub of all employed persons and persons receiving other income in the household.
  2. Income Tax Return - The most recent income tax return for all employed household members.
  3. Agency Letter - Letters from local, state or Federal agency (Social Security Agency or Veteran’s Administration) must state the monthly income before deductions.
  4. Unemployment Agency - A letter from the unemployment agency.
  5. Letter from Employer - A letter from employer detailing current gross income and frequency of pay periods may be used for those patients/household members who are paid in cash. The letter must be on the employer’s letterhead (unless non-applicable), contain the employer’s signature as well as telephone number for verification of supplied information.
  6. Fixed income statement – Pension or bank statements showing deposits.
  7. Public Benefits Statement – Statement showings individuals’ eligibility for public assistance benefits.

Sliding Fee Scale

Household Annual Gross Income
Medical Service Discount
Dental Service Discount
Behavioral Health Service Discount
Equal to or below 100% of the federal poverty line
100% plus $20 nominal fee
100% plus $40 nominal fee
100% plus $30 nominal fee
101-133% of the federal poverty line
134-166% of the federal poverty line
167-200% of the federal poverty line
Above 200% of the federal poverty line
Full Fee
Full Fee
Full Fee

Answers To Your Sliding Scale Questions

What is the Sliding Fee Scale?

The Sliding Fee Scale is a Federal program that allows CareArc to discount our normal charges for healthcare services at our locations. The Sliding Fee Scale Discount Program is available to all of our qualifying patients regardless of their insurance status. CareArc will never deny healthcare based on your inability to pay.

This program works in part, in accordance with the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Who can apply for the Sliding Fee Scale?

Anyone is welcome to apply for the Sliding Fee Scale, regardless of your income or insurance status.

How is eligibility for the Sliding Fee Scale determined?

Your eligibility is determined by your household size and your annual gross income, in accordance with the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

What can be used as Proof of Income?

We accept these documents for proof of income:

  • Most Recent Paycheck Stub
  • Tax Return
  • Social Security Letter
  • Supplemental Security Income / Disability Letter
  • Unemployment Letter
  • Fixed Income Statement
  • Public Benefits Statement
  • Other Incomes You May Have

What if the Proof of Income I can provide is not on the list?

If the documentation you can provide is not on our list, you can contact our Patient Access Manager for assistance. Please call 620-342-4864.

Who is considered a "household member"?

Household members are all persons living in the same household that share income.

When is my Sliding Fee Scale effective?

The sliding fee scale discount, if you qualify, will be effective the day of application submission.

When does my Sliding Fee Scale expire?

The Sliding Fee Scale discount for those with Proof of Income is good for one year from the approval date. The Zero Income Sliding Fee Discount will expire 30-days after the approval date.

You must re-apply prior to the expiration date in order to continue being covered under the Sliding Fee Scale Program. If there is a lapse, patients may be responsible for the full amount of charges during that time period.

How often do I need to apply for this program?

You must apply every year, or every 30-day, depending on your application type. You may re-apply if there is a change in your current household size or income.

I do not want to provide my financial information. Am I still eligible for the Sliding Fee Scale?

Eligibility for the Sliding Fee Scale is based on your income and household size. If you choose not to provide CareArc with this information, you will be responsible for the total charges for services received.

What services does the Sliding Fee Scale cover?

The sliding fee scale applies only to those services provided directly by or controlled by CareArc. Services provided under referral are not covered by the CareArc sliding fee.

How much will I pay if I am approved for the program?

The charge for your visit depends on your income, household size, and the type of medical service you received.

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