Personalized healthcare for women

We know that you and your health are unique. In order to deliver the care that is right for you, we start by listening to you.

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Take control of your health by finding a team of providers that work to support you, listen to you, and understand you.
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Healthcare for you

Many women spend time taking care of others – a partner, children, parents, others – and don’t make their own health a priority. Whether you need a yearly wellness exam or checkup, vaccinations, help managing a chronic condition, or have questions for a doctor, we make it easy for women to get the healthcare services that they need.
  • Regular Pap Tests
  • Breast Exams
  • Pelvic exams
  • Treatment of vaginal infections
  • Menstrual cycle concerns
  • Treatment of PCOS and endometriosis
  • Contraception
  • STD testing and treatment
  • Family planning
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Low-risk prenatal care
  • Menopause symptom management, etc.

Early detection can save your life!

That’s why the Early Detection Works program provides clinical breast exams, mammograms, Pap tests and diagnostic services for women who qualify (based on age, family income, and insurance coverage).

Free Breast Cancer Screenings

Annual clinical breast exams and bi-annual mammograms are available for women ages 40-64 through our Early Detection Works program.

Free Cervical Cancer Screenings

Pap smears for women ages 21-64 through our Early Detection Works program.

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At CareArc, we understand the power of knowledge in shaping your health outcomes. Completing this assessment not only provides you with a clearer picture of your overall health but also equips you with practical recommendations to enhance your well-being. Let us guide you towards making informed health decisions.

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Our modern approach to care is based on our patient's needs. That is why we employ quality providers that will connect with you through in-person and virtual visits.

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