Fees and Health Insurance

How much will your visit cost?

We want your care to be as affordable and convenient as possible, and that means being transparent about our fees. Every year, CareArc provides quality care to thousands of insured and uninsured patients, and it is our promise that we will never deny you health care based on your inability to pay.

Say goodbye to surprise medical bills

We want to protect you from bills you aren't expecting. In order to help you understand the costs of your visit in advance, we will provide a good-faith estimate of expected charges to uninsured consumers, or to those self-paying consumers who aren't planning on using their health insurance.

The estimate will include the total expected cost of of any non-emergency item or services that are scheduled this includes related costs, such as medical tests, equipment, and hospital fees.

You will receive your estimate in writing if your appointment is scheduled at least three (3) days in advance. If you receive a bill that is more than $400 more than the good faith estimate, you can dispute the bill.

To learn more about your right to a good faith estimate of your healthcare costs, visit cms.gov/nosurprises.


We accept most insurance plans, in addition to Medicare and Medicaid.

List of Accepted Insurances

Sliding Fee Scale

We offer discounted services to our patients who are uninsured or have a low income.  Qualifying patients can receive a discount on a sliding scale for healthcare, dental care, psychiatry or behavioral health services.

Find Out If You Qualify For A Discount

Bill Pay

While we love you coming in to see us, you can also pay your bill online without leaving the house.

Pay Your Bill Online
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