Need help affording your medication?

Not all pharmacies are the same. We partner with a network of local pharmacies so you can save on your prescriptions, even if you are uninsured. Our 340b program provides discounts on most prescriptions. There is no membership required. Simply get your medications prescribed by our providers and save!

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Discounted Medications

The 340b Drug Discount Program is a federal program that requires drug companies to provide drugs to eligible healthcare organizations at reduced prices. We partner with local pharmacies to offer discounts on certain medications prescribed by our in-house health providers.

The 340b Program uses the same Sliding-Fee Scale used for appointments. However, even if you do not qualify for a Sliding-Fee discount, you still qualify for a discount on medications at our participating pharmacies.

To qualify for the 340b drug pricing, prescriptions must be prescribed by our providers.

Free Medications

All major pharmaceutical companies have patient assistance programs. Our Prescription Medication Assistance (PMA) Clerk will help you complete all required registration forms, submit the needed information to companies, and reorder refills when they are due.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for discounted medications?

You must be a patient of the health center. Beyond that, each pharmaceutical company has its own eligibility requirements.

You might be eligible if you:

  • Are a U.S. resident or citizen
  • Meet the income limits set by the pharmaceutical company for the medication you need
  • Do not have prescription drug insurance
  • Need a medication that your prescription drug coverage does not cover

How do I enroll?

  1. In an appointment with your provider, discuss the possibility of being a part of the PMA program.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the PMA Clerk to complete your application for the program.
  3. Wait for acceptance of your application by the pharmaceutical company that manufactures your medication.
  4. Schedule regular appointments with your provider to ensure your medications will be available to you.
  5. Re-enroll annually – or as required by the pharmaceutical company.
  6. Continue to keep all of your information up to date.

Is the Prescription Medication Assistance Program a pharmacy?

No. Instead, we offer assistance filling out required applications for free prescriptions.

Are all medications available?

No, only medications the pharmaceutical companies have made available to qualified patients are free.

How long does the process take?

Once you are approved, please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

How do I get my medications?

Most medications are delivered to the health center, and we notify you when they are available for pickup. Some are available from local pharmacies, and others are delivered to your door.

Can the PMA Clerk renew my prescriptions?

No. Your provider will renew or refill your prescriptions, so it is important to see your provider regularly and keep your appointments.

Is there an age restriction?

No. You only need to meet the income limits set by the pharmaceutical company.

Medication orders must occur during an appointment with your provider. Not all medications are available through the program. The pharmaceutical companies – not the health center – determine your eligibility for free medication.

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