We don't guess with your medications

Not every medication is right for everyone. That is why we use GeneSight Psychotropic testing to understand how your DNA may impact your medications.

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Get your symptoms under control sooner

By taking the guesswork out of finding the medication that will work best with your body, you are more like to achieve remission sooner and get back to feeling like yourself.
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What is GeneSight?

Finding the right medication to treat your condition can be challenging and result in a long period of trial and error. That is why we utilize a personalized approach to help our patients overcome depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other mental health conditions. The GeneSight test analyzes your genetic variations that can affect your response to medication. This test will give us an actionable and easy to understand report that will guide treatment decisions.

How does GeneSight testing work?

Step 1

Your provider collects a DNA sample by painlessly swabbing the inside of your cheek.

Step 2

The sample is sent to a  lab for analysis.

Step 3

Your provider will review the results with you on your next visit.

Step 4

Piece of mind knowing you won't have to go through trial and error to find a medication that works for you.

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How much does GeneSight testing cost?

Insurance can be complicated, and we want you to feel comfortable knowing what you'll owe. GeneSight will bill your insurance for the cost of the test. Plans vary, buy you may be expected to cover a portion of the cost. If your cost is more than $330, you will receive a call before your test is processed.

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