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Hailey joined CareArc in August 2023, bringing a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to community health. She holds an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene from Flint Hills Technical College, earned in 2017, and is currently working towards an Extended Care Permit III. She possesses an Extended Care Permit (ECP) that enables her to work off-site, especially in schools, bringing essential dental care to a wider community.

Beyond her technical expertise, Hailey is passionate about working with patients requiring more intensive care, such as deep cleanings, and has a special place in her heart for pediatric patients. Her approach to dental care is holistic, focusing on creating a positive experience for each patient and emphasizing the importance of dental health as part of overall wellness.

Hailey's professional journey began in private practice in Topeka, where she worked until August 2023 before joining CareArc. Her decision to move was driven by her love for serving the community and her enthusiasm for public health aspects of patient care. She believes firmly in accessible care for all and is excited to contribute to the community where she was raised.

Her outstanding dedication to the field of dental hygiene was recognized with the Colgate Student Total Achievement Recognition (STAR) Award, an accolade that celebrates exceptional compassion in patient care, enthusiasm for community service, and excellence in patient education and motivation.


Flint Hills Technical College, Emporia, KS

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Born and raised in Emporia, KS, in North Lyon County, Hailey has deep roots in the community. As the oldest of three girls, she values family time and is a proud dog mom. When she's not providing top-notch dental care, Hailey enjoys biking, outdoor activities, baking, reading, crocheting, and indulging in her love for history through documentaries and intriguing facts.

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