Child Care Licensing

The Child Care Licensing division works with all child care facilities in Chase, Coffey, Lyon, Marion, Morris, Osage, and Wabaunsee Counties.

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How to Become a Licensed Child Care Provider

Being a licensed child care provider can be a rewarding career path that can allow you to be your own boss while connecting with families in your community. In fact, for someone who loves kids, being a child care provider may not even feel like a job at all. Yet, if you are looking to start an in-home daycare, you may be unsure what steps you need to take, or what regulations you need to follow, in order to establish a legal at-home daycare service in your area. We are here to help guide you.

Become a Licensed Child Care Provider

  • Work from home
  • Set your own rates and hours
  • Be your own boss
  • Stay home with your children
  • Follow your passion for working with kids!
  • Grants may be available to you (location based)!

Financial Support Available Now

Child care is an in-demand profession right now and plenty of financial incentives are available to help new businesses get started.

  • The State of Kansas has currently waived all application and background check processing fees.
  • Child Care Aware of Kansas has up to $2,500 available for new providers to assist with costs like salaries, business supplies, local fees, and child appropriate toys.
  • Child Care Aware of Kansas is also distributing non-competitive grant money that can be used for a wide variety of expenses.
  • KCCTO has scholarships available to help you reach your training and education goals.
  • Thanks to the Emporia Community Foundation, new providers in Chase, Lyon, and Wabaunsee Counties can receive up to $250 worth of health and safety equipment such as nap mats, fire extinguisher, pack n’ plays, etc.
  • Thanks to Coffey County Economic Development, new providers in Coffey County can receive a $250 check to help offset start up costs.
  • Thanks to the Council Grove Area Foundation, new providers in Morris County can receive up to $250 worth of health and safety equipment such as nap mats, fire extinguishers, pack n’ plays, etc.
  • The Osage County Action Lab Grant through the Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund provides reimbursement of up to $250 for health and safety materials purchased for the operation of a newly licensed facility.
  • Thanks to the Carolyn S. Kruse Foundation, new providers in Chase County will receive a $250 check to help offset startup costs.
  • For residents in USD 410, the Hillsboro Community Foundation has provided grant money to the Marion County Child Care Expansion Committee to help you start your daycare. The committee will work with new providers to address individual needs.

Request a Provider Orientation

The first step in becoming licensed is an orientation. Fill out the form below to get started.

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Using Licensed Child Care

Using licensed child care has numerous benefits and consumer protections. Licensed child care facilities are inspected annually at a minimum to ensure they are meeting the minimum safety standards set forth by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). Regulations require providers to be able to pass a background check, complete health and safety focused trainings, meet environmental safety standards, and more. Regulations for child care facilities help to ensure your child will be safe while in licensed care.

If you have questions about child care regulations, please reach out to our office at (620) 342-4864 ext. 5. If you have concerns about your child's daycare, please reach out to us or use the form below. Click the button below to review any licensed providers compliance history for the past three years.

 Benefits of Using Licensed Child Care

  • Mandatory safe sleep training and practices
  • First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Balanced, nutritious meals
  • Environmental safety requirements
  • Annual inspections

Do you have concerns about a licensed child care provider?

All information provided is confidential. Providing your name and contact is optional, but recommended in case additional information is needed. Please note: we do not get involved in the financial matters of daycares.
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Fingerprint Background Checks

Kansas law requires a comprehensive background check, including fingerprints, for each individual residing, working or regularly volunteering in a licensed child care home or working with children in a daycare center or school-age program. Providers must have their OCA number BEFORE fingerprinting can be done. This is required for both home providers and child care centers.

The Lyon County Environmental Health Department, 420 W. 15th Ave, Emporia, KS offers fingerprinting services by appointment. Appointments require 24-hour advance notice. Walk-ins will be accepted if there is availability, but there may be significant wait times.

The fee for fingerprints is $15. Please bring your payment and a government issued ID (Driver’s license/State ID/Passport) to your appointment.

Fingerprints are available for non-child care providers as well.

Call (620) 342-4864 ext. 5 to schedule your appointment.

First Aid/CPR

Child care providers are required to maintain certification in first aid/CPR. Classes are held monthly at CareArc for $50 per person. Call 620-342-4864 ext 5 to inquire about upcoming classes. Non-child care providers are welcome.

Pay Your Environmental Health / Child Care Licensing Bill

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Child Care Licensing

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Once you click on the Submit button, you will we be taken to a secure website to enter your credit card information.

Child Care Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

Who has to be licensed?

With few exceptions, anyone who provides care for children (other than those related by blood, marriage or adoption) must be licensed with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, regardless of why they provide the care or if there is advertisement of or payment for services, according to Kansas law. The law permits nanny care to be unlicensed (watching a child in their own home), relative care (up to a certain degree removed), and for someone to watching up to two children for twenty cumulative hours per week.

What are the costs of licensure?

Orientation: $20
County Inspection Fee: $60-$125
Online Training: $20
First Aid/CPR Training: $50
Fingerprint Background Checks: $15 if done at CareArc
Other costs may include child safety devices, cots/mats, bedding, books, toys, etc.

What are the minimum requirements for getting licensed?

You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED and be able to pass a fingerprint background check. We do not license apartments.

Where can I find the regulations?

You can find state regulations for child care facilities at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment website.

Am I required to have insurance on my daycare?

There is not a regulation requiring specific insurance for your daycare. You are required to have full coverage on any vehicles used for transporting daycare children.

How long does it take to get a license?

The process can take up to 90 days to get a temporary permit allowing you to open your daycare.